VieBon is based in the 2nd largest Greek City and Port, Thessaloniki. Greek ports are the nearest European ports for Chinese transporters; the largest one in Piraeus is operated by Cosco. Thessaloniki is ideally placed between Central/ Northern Europe, Asia and Africa, thus VieBon can easily & quickly serve Customers in all regions. VieBon is located next to Viostamp allowing substantial synergies in manufacturing and operations.


VieBon has a total production area of 2,500m2. The production capacity is 2 million meters/ annum of highest quality, added-value printed fabric. The factory is designed to accommodate up to 3 times the current capacity (i.e. up to 6 million m/ annum). VieBon has the most modern printing machinery, and is operating in a highly automated environment ensuring

optimal efficiency

excellent quality

and highest customer satisfaction

VieBon is equipped with Digital Printing Machines capable of delivering excellent printing quality on all sorts of substrates independent of design complexity and run size

Fabrics pretreatment and finishing is outsourced to the nearby Viostamp dye house. Outsourced services to Viostamp also include transportation, logistical support etc. VieBon has a very strong Design team and an excellent Sales Network servicing high-end European Customers.


VieBon is constantly investing in and expanding its Information Technology & Automation framework in order to achieve total operational control, operate at maximum efficiency and produce standard highest quality.


VieBon has a strong design team, of currently 6 experienced and talented designers, who develop constantly original fashion designs for our customers/ production but also for 3rd parties. Next to providing original design ideas, our designers also serve to digitize customer-provided designs and ideas for printing.