Sustainable production is a key point of focus for VieBon: For us the sustainability level of an operation is an indicator for its overall efficiency and long-term success

Our sustainability portfolio includes 100% recycling of used materials, automation systems for energy management, certified auxiliaries (REACH, OEKO TEX compliance) and many more

By means of its advanced technology, profound expertise and comprehensive sustainability promotion strategy, VieBon has record low carbon footprint  a key sustainability indicator.


VieBon operates in compliance with all relevant environmental policies and guidelines both with compulsory but also on voluntarily basis with not (yet) compulsory or suggested policies. In that sense, we

only use REACH-registered dyes, chemicals and auxiliaries,

meet all OEKOTEX standard requirements, and

observe on a voluntarily basis

  • M&S ECO Dyehouse guidelines
  • Greenpeace DETOX initiative

Furthermore we comply 100% with all EU- and national environment-related legislation. All this of course also applies to our processing partner, Viostamp. Our waste-water treatment plant observes legislation limits 100%; Thermal energy reusage exceeds 70% of initial energy input by means of extensive recovery installations. A sophisticated, intelligent, energy-management system allows Viebon to avoid unnecessary energy consumptions and remain below global benchmark values.


Examples depicting the excellent utility consumption efficiency.

LNG consumption vs. Output scatter chart, shows an almost ideal trend line, which means no LNG (and hence heat) is wasted

Specific water consumption [l/ kg output]. Red is actual, blue is theoretical optimum. Actual KPI is within ±3% of optimum

Above tools are part of our efficiency monitoring framework