Grow in a sustainable way, while helping our loyal customers grow themselves, for the benefit of our coworkers, our shareholders, our customers and the local

Be a landmark European –and one of world’s best printers, operating at highest efficiency and quality level


Capitalize on the strengths and resources of the Chinese and the Greek partners and exploit all arising synergies

Develop The Market & our Business through close relationships with our customers

Triple our Digital Printing Capacity (to 6 million m/ year)

Increase fabric trading share in our revenue up to 35-40%


Viebon Business Development Plan has 3 directions:

European market

Further increase current business with European customers for the European market by addressing highest-end segment and retail brands.

African market

Export to Africa MADE IN EUROPE fabrics, sold under a VieBon brand.

High end Asian market

Sell goods produced in Europe or by Ruyi under VieBon supervision to high-end Asian customer in China, Japan etc.